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About and
Bestbid is a trade environment where dealers and traders can contact each other to offer motor stock.

Our philosophy is simple, there will always be someone looking for what you have to offer and pay a little extra £.

By creating a system using Internet and email technology, Bestbid enables quick and easy access to a network of dealers and traders throughout the UK. Currently our database has over 7,000 users giving access to each other via email and fax.

Motormouse is a retail web site with over 50,000 visitors a month. Using the latest version of Bestbid, you can have the additional benefit to include your Bestbid advert(s) on the Motormouse retail web site with a colour picture and a retail price £.

Adverts on Motormouse have the benefit of attracting retail customers direct to you without paying any commission to Motormouse.

The subscription fee for 2010 is £99 per dealer site or trader per year.

The Future
We see the whole Bestbid and Motormouse philosophy developing into a single unit. The users become it's owners and developing the UK's largest marketing group. By uniting dealers together we can command enormous economies of scale and purchase advertising as a single unit i.e. " for new and used cars at discount prices" this alone as a box advert in Whatcar? would attract several thousand visits to the site.

Terms and Conditions
We have created a simple T&C for your convenience, please read and abide by the rules.
1) Do not steal our database by harvesting dealer data for your own use. If we catch you, we will take legal action.
2) Keep your data up to date including your contact details and car adverts.
3) Do not continuously email the same advert to dealers every week. This will annoy other users and ultimately ignore you.
4) If sending trade adverts to dealers or placing an advert on Motormouse, ensure your description is accurate and the prices keen. Dealers will not wish to receive adverts for cars over book.
5) If posting an advert for Motormouse, your MM Price £ must be LESS than the RRP £. The whole concept of Motormouse is discount.
6) If you want to claim your money back on subscription using our guaranteed sales scheme you must have put AT LEAST 30 car adverts on the system with a colour picture for each and a reasonable discount on RRP £ or if trade within guide price £.
7) We reserve the right to cancel your subscription at anytime. A full refund will be given for the remainder of any period cancelled if on prepayment.

Should you have any complaints or suggestions on improving our services, please email

Thank you for your support.
The directors of Technology (UK) Ltd - 1999- 2010

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