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How works for you

Our website prices are current average discount deals. Like the stock market, our prices fluctuate dependant on availability, dealer targets and manufacturer bonus.

You find the car or van you want from our website. If you can’t see what you want just email

After we get your email enquiry we email and call you to confirm make, model etc.

We then place an advert on our website and request offers from dealers all over the UK to locate the best deal for you. The dealers contact Motormouse so you don’t get bombarded with calls.
Our aim is to BEAT our currently advertised website price.

We then email and speak with you to discuss your options with the deals offered.

If and when your happy with the deal found, we can request the dealer to call you and discuss the purchase and ‘do the
deal’. We credit check all dealers for your peace of mind.

And the great thing about our service is that it’s completely FREE OF CHARGE. We add a small broker fee of around 100
to each deal so that the dealer pays for the service.

We don't sell leads to dealers unlike many other websites who offer great prices only to sell your personal details to other companies.