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About frequently asked questions.

Tell me about the following :-

1) How does Motormouse operate?
2) Who is selling the cars?

3) Where do the dealers come from and how far away are they?

4) Who do I pay and how?

5) What about part exchange?

6) Do you offer finance and warranty?

7) Can you locate used deals?

8) What other make of cars can you get discount on?

Should you require personal attention, please call us on the following numbers :-
7 days a week 9am-6pm (07882) 899344
Text or call the mobile anytime (07765) 000975

How does Motormouse operate?
1) The prices advertised are based on our average dealer prices. When you send us your search request, we call you to confirm your contact details and car required. We then locate the nearest dealer prepared to match or even beat our advertised price. Once a dealer has been located we call you to ask permission for the dealer to get in contact with you to agree the price and value your part exchange if you have one.

Who is selling the cars?
2) The cars are all from UK franchised dealers. Unless otherwise stated with "pre-reg" the cars are registered new in your name as the first keeper and in the month of delivery. We do not sell imports

Where do the dealers come from and how far away are they?
3) has contact with hundreds of UK dealers. More often than not, we can source a dealer within 100 miles of your postcode to ensure peace of mind for your purchase.

Who do I pay and how?
4) You pay the dealer selling the car. You pay NOTHING to for using this service. Should you wish to order a car, the dealer will require a deposit of say £500 on your credit card to secure the order. The balance will be paid with secured funds either by personal cheque 7 days prior to delivery or by bank or building society cheque on the day of delivery. Switch is another effective method of paying.

What about part exchange?
5) Virtually all Motormouse dealers will offer a value for your part exchange. The value will be based on the description you give and the current trade 'book money' price.

Do you offer finance and warranty?
6) As with any franchised garage, finance and warranty is always available. Please enter details when entering data about yourself.

Can you locate used deals?
7) Yes can locate used car deals for you. We own and manage a car locator web site called which has access to every dealer in the UK. Sadly we can only search for cars with a market value in excess of £5,000 to make the search free.

What make of cars can you get discount on?
8) We can get discount on ALL makes of cars. Although we try to keep up to date price lists on the popular brands, it's not always possible to maintain every brand because of imminent prices increases or fluctuating manufacturer bonus schemes. In any event, we can access every dealer to locate the best deals using our car locator web site.